If we’re not satisfied with the way our lives are progressing, how can we use applied psychology to improve our everyday lives? Consider these ways of make your life better, and enjoy your journey finding fulfillment in the process:

Get Motivated!

  • Learn and do something totally different
  • Learn how to do something you already do well, and do it in a different way
  • Journal about what successes you have made in your life and reward yourself for a job well done

Improve Your Leadership Skills!

  • If you already in a leadership position, make sure to include contributions from those you lead when setting goals for the whole
  • Make sure you are clear about common goals the group wants to and can achieve
  • Have consistent and regular rewards for the hard work done to enjoy the goal together

Become a Better Communicator!

  • Express your loyalty in your commitment to reach company goals and invite meetings with individuals and the whole group
  • Take a positive view of those ideas that are “outside the box” and “highly creative if not practical” as this reveals your true sincerity about being open to any contributions

Learn to Better Understand Others!

  • Try to see a situation you might not understand from the other’s perspective, try to keep your personal emotions out of the picture
  • Be an active, empathetic listener; remain open minded and fair; make sure if there is a pending problem to give a “heads up” if possible for upcoming issues

Make More Accurate Decisions!

  • Set up a goal chart in a common area for all to see; very motivating and a venue to clearly view true results from decisions you and your group have made
  • Be able to see both sides of conflict should there be one between members of your group; remain as neutral as possible at deciding the best course of action to take for the group’s wellness